Gongbao diced chicken is a Sichuan dish, for me, a southerner. It’s a challenge to eat authentic Sichuan cuisine. I can’t eat spicy food. This is the first time to make Kung Pao diced chicken. According to LG, it has an improved version, which is very suitable for my southern sister.


250g chicken breast
5g ginger
6 g garlic
3 dried peppers
70g cucumber
60g carrot
30g cashew nuts
10 g starch
5 ml soy sauce
A small amount of fresh soy sauce
4G edible salt
10 ml edible oil
A little water


Step 1
Dice chicken breast, cucumber and carrot, stir fry cashew nuts in oil in advance, and let cool.

Step 2
Slice ginger, garlic, and dry pepper.

Step 3
Wrap the diced chicken with a small amount of starch and set aside.

Step 4
Take a small bowl, put in starch, soy sauce, a drop of soy sauce, a small amount of water, stir with chopsticks into water, starch reserve.

Step 5
Heat the pan and cool the oil. Put the diced chicken wrapped in cornstarch into the oil pan and stir fry over high heat to change color. Set aside.

Step 6
Add oil into the pot again, put ginger, garlic and dry pepper into the pot and stir fry until fragrant.

Step 7
After frying out the flavor, first add the diced carrot, stir fry for a while, then add the diced cucumber and stir fry together.

Step 8
After the diced carrots and cucumbers are fried and discolored, put in the diced chicken which has been fried and stir fry quickly.

Step 9
Pour in the prepared water, starch, medium and low heat, and then add cashew nuts. When there is not much juice left in the pot, quickly get out of the pot.