Gongbao chicken is red but not spicy, spicy but not fierce, with strong sauce flavor! Who doesn’t love it? It’s super rich. Let’s go now!


200g chicken breast
Half root cucumber
Half a carrot
Appropriate amount of peanuts
Half egg white
Proper soy sauce
Appropriate amount of starch
A tablespoon of Pixian bean paste
A spoonful of sugar
A spoonful of fuel consumption
A spoonful of vinegar
Proper sesame oil


Step 1
Stir fry fragrant peanuts over low heat until cooked, sprinkle a little salt and serve

Step 2
Cut chicken breast into small pieces and marinate it with soy sauce, salt, egg white, starch and sesame oil for a while

Step 3
Cut carrots and cucumbers, and prepare dried chili with bean paste

Step 4
A spoonful of sugar, a spoonful of oil consumption, a spoonful of soy sauce, a spoonful of vinegar, add a little water and make a sauce

Step 5
The chicken breast was fried over high fire in the pot, and the color changed. I was a little late for taking photos, but it was all right. The meat was pickled with egg white and starch and was not old

Step 6
Leave the bottom oil in the pot, stir fry over low heat, fragrant Pixian bean paste, produce red oil, and add dry pepper

Step 7
Turn the heat up, add carrots and cucumbers and fry until done

Step 8
Add chicken breast and stir fry well. Pour in the sauce. The sauce should not be added at one time to avoid being too salty

Step 9
After frying, turn off the heat, add peanuts and mix well