I like to pickle some spicy cabbage in winter. I prefer Korean food. I often cook spicy cabbage fried rice and soy sauce soup. The price of spicy cabbage is really getting more and more expensive. Moreover, a large part of the weighed spicy cabbage is the price of sauce, especially the weight, so I made it myself.


1500g Chinese Cabbage
50g glutinous rice flour
165 g water
Half an onion
Half an apple
60g garlic
Half a Sydney
85g shrimp paste
100g fish sauce
100g chili powder
40g sugar
1 carrot
1 small handful of leeks
2 green onions
40g ginger
400g large grain salt


Step 1
First, I prepared Chinese cabbage and pickled some baby vegetables

Step 2
Cut the cabbage into 4 pieces, cut the baby cabbage horizontally, apply salt particles, mainly sprinkle on the roots

Step 3
In addition to a lot of water, the volume of pickled cabbage is significantly reduced by about half

Step 4
Wash the cabbage with clean water, wash off the salt grains, reduce some saltiness, squeeze out the water and put it into the screen for half an hour

Step 5
Prepare other materials when draining

Step 6
Add water to glutinous rice flour, put it in a milk pot, heat it over low heat, and heat it to a viscous state

Step 7
Cut apples, pears, onions, scallions and garlic into pieces

Step 8
Put glutinous rice paste, Sydney apple, onion pieces, fish sauce, shrimp sauce, ginger and garlic into a blender and stir them into a paste

Step 9
Then add sugar and pepper into the blender and stir again, so that the sauce is ready

Step 10
When the sauce is ready, add shredded carrot, leek and green onion

Step 11
Spread the mixed sauce on the pickled cabbage

Step 12
Put it in a container and marinate in the refrigerator for 1 week