Potato cake is one of the favorite snacks of Korean people. It is suitable for all ages ~ and easy to make.


Six small potatoes
1 / 2 onions
1 bowl of kimchi
100g flour
3 teaspoons salt
150g potato starch
1 teaspoon white pepper
Proper amount of water


Step 1
Kimchi is a must for every Korean family. It is pickled at home. When kimchi is sour and delicious, take a small amount of about 1 bowl and cut it into pieces

Step 2
(๑• ̀ ㅂ• ́)و ✧ for the taste of potatoes, instead of making them into paste, they cut them into small pieces with a knife. It's time to test the knife worker

Step 3
Cut the onion in half and also into small pieces

Step 4
Then, in the container, pour flour, potato starch, broken potatoes and onions, add an appropriate amount of water to stir, don't be too thin, divide into 2 bowls; In another container, you can put kimchi, which is the original flavor and kimchi flavor.

Step 5
Pay attention to the heat, turn down the fire, and then put a large spoon and a spoon evenly into the pan. Make it round with a shovel. Pay attention to turning the cake carefully, so that the whole body is heated evenly, and the golden potato cake is completed. Remember not to be too thick. It doesn't taste good. Fry it thinly

Step 6
The original potato cake and pickled potato cake are finished~