The opening season is not only for students, but also for parents. For many mothers, preparing lunch for their children every morning is a headache. In particular, some picky children need to do their best to make all kinds of “attractive” children’s fun bentos!


300g rice
3 eggs
50g corn
1 ham sausage
50g green beans
Appropriate amount of seaweed
1 French bun


Step 1
Prepare white rice, cook corn and green beans, drain water, and cut ham into small pieces for standby

Step 2
Heat oil in the pot, stir fry diced ham, corn and green beans in turn, then add rice and continue to stir fry into fried rice out of the pot

Step 3
Beat the eggs, add salt, fry them into thin egg cakes in an oil pan, take them out and lay them on the top, and put fried rice on them

Step 4
Like sushi, roll up the rice with egg skin, cut it into small sections with a knife, put it in the shape of a small house with rice and seaweed, and make the shape of a villain driving with bread and ham sausage