Hua’er likes to eat kimchi cake very much. Whenever she goes out for barbecue, Hua’er will order a plate of kimchi cake. It feels that such a plate of snacks full of egg fragrance and spicy crisp cabbage is a good appetizer. Some sugar should be put in the kimchi cake, which can be fresh and tastes good. After several attempts, I found that adding some chopped purple onion would add more spice to the taste. Kimchi cake has low calories and rich taste. It is an indispensable table snack in winter. Don’t forget to make it several times~~


200g spicy cabbage
Half an onion
2 tablespoons pickle juice
2 eggs
60g flour
30g glutinous rice flour
60 g water
Appropriate amount of edible oil
1 / 2 tsp salt
A little sugar


Step 1
When making kimchi cake, the degree of dryness and thinness of the batter determines the taste of the kimchi cake. Too dry batter does have fluidity, so it is very important to make it according to the appropriate ratio.

Step 2
Beat two eggs into the egg bowl, then pour in a little kimchi juice, add a spoonful of sugar, stir in one direction, then add chopped onion and stir evenly.

Step 3
Add 60 grams of water, then add flour and glutinous rice flour.

Step 4
Then add chopped spicy cabbage and mix well. At this time, according to your taste, the spicy cabbage made by my family is already salty, so we don't put salt.

Step 5
Put a little oil in the non stick pot. After the pot is hot, turn the fire down and pour in the batter. This amount can basically make two.

Step 6
Fry the cake slowly over low heat until it is cooked, solidify one side and turn it over again.

Step 7
Cut it into pieces and put it on a plate. You can also dip it in ketchup~~~