Super delicious, simple and nutritious! What’s the cost? Hurry up.


1 bowl of rice
Half a bowl of chicken
Half a carrot
Half a potato
1 / 4 onion
Some green peppers
How many broccoli
Proper amount of salt
1 section onion
Half teaspoon pepper
Section 2 dry pepper
2 pieces of Haoshi baimengduo curry
1 small piece of ginger
2 cloves garlic


Step 1
I fried the chicken with some salt and pepper first. If it's troublesome, I can blanch it directly

Step 2
All the side dishes are ready. Cut carrots and potatoes into pieces of the same size, slice onions and green peppers, and cut small broccoli

Step 3
Put oil in the pot and saute dried pepper, onion, ginger and garlic

Step 4
First stir fry chicken, sprinkle half a teaspoon of white pepper, and then stir fry potatoes, carrots and onions for a moment

Step 5
Add an appropriate amount of water, about two-thirds of the ingredients, cover the pot and simmer for a while

Step 6
After about ten minutes, the potatoes and carrots are soft. Add green pepper

Step 7
Mix curry pieces with a little warm water to melt, add, stir fry, and thicken the soup

Step 8
Put a bowl of rice in a small bowl, pour it into the plate, pour it with your fried curry chicken, and a simple, nutritious and delicious cover rice will be completed. It's so simple o (∩∩) O