Fat cake is a good choice for breakfast. Making fat cake with pumpkin not only tastes better, but also has a very high appearance value. The color of yellow orange is very pleasant! Moreover, pumpkin has high nutritional value and improves the nutrition of fat cake, so making breakfast is a very good choice! My mother had pumpkin cake for two days. Today, I made wonton for breakfast for my mother, but my mother asked, what about the cake in front? Decisively steamed two pieces, three or two times was eaten by my mother! Mother said, “it’s soft and doesn’t stick to your teeth at all. It’s delicious. With walnuts and red dates, it’s nutritious. Eating more pieces is good for your health.” Well, I’ll do more in the future. It’s rare for my mother to give such a high evaluation. Now I’ll share the practice openly with you and learn it together to make it for my family!


200g pumpkin puree
200g flour
150g milk
30g red jujube
30g walnut
3 G yeast powder
Appropriate amount of sugar
A little salt


Step 1
Peel the pumpkin, remove the capsule and cut it into small pieces. Steam it in a pot until it is soft and rotten. Remove the core of red dates. Cut half of walnuts and red dates into small pieces and keep the whole piece

Step 2
The steamed pumpkin can be mashed with a cooking machine or directly pressed into mud with a spoon. After cooling, add milk and dry yeast, add fine granulated sugar, a little salt and flour according to your preference, sift them into the pumpkin paste, and mix them with egg pump

Step 3
Add chopped red dates and walnuts to the batter and mix well

Step 4
Wet the gugulov mold with water, put some walnuts and red dates at the bottom, and pour the batter into the gugulov mold

Step 5
Put warm water in the pot, put the batter into the pot and ferment until it is about eight minutes full of the mold, that is, ferment until it is 2-3 times larger. Put the water in the steamer and steam for about 30-35 minutes

Step 6
After steaming, air it a little, and then press the edge of the fat cake inside to separate the mold, then buckle it upside down and knock it twice to demould it