This is a Shandong special dish. I’ve seen Lao Lang and flute teacher do it. I think they are all very good. As a half Shandong person, this dish must be learned. It’s a pity that there are very few rectum sales in Guangdong. They are all vermicelli and Jiechang. I took a time to process the dishes according to the teachers’ recipes. It’s really delicious. This is a delicious dish with wine. If you have time on the weekend, you can try it.


500g pig large intestine
2 tbsp oil
2G chopped green onion
3G salt
3G sugar
3G cinnamon
5g minced garlic
2G 13xiang
5g minced ginger
2G pepper powder
5ml sundew soy sauce
3ml cooking wine
3 ml zanthoxylum oil
5ml vinegar


Step 1
Large intestine of cooked pig cut into sections

Step 2
Take water in the pot, boil the water, blanch the large intestine, remove the oil, remove the water and set aside

Step 3
At this time, yellow rice wine can be added to the water to remove the smell and fishy smell.

Step 4
Another oil pot, wide oil,

Step 5
Heat 70% of the oil and pour it into the large intestine after blanching. Fry the large intestine to golden yellow and remove the control oil

Step 6
Cut the onion, ginger and garlic and prepare them

Step 7
Leave oil in the pan, add onion, ginger and garlic and saute until fragrant

Step 8
Pour in the large intestine, cinnamon and star anise of the control oil and simmer over low heat

Step 9
Add the party sauce

Step 10
Pour in cooking wine and soy sauce

Step 11
Add vinegar and pepper, stir fry with a little salt,

Step 12
Pour in clear soup or boiling water

Step 13
Add thirteen spices and simmer over low heat

Step 14
Add a little sugar to make it fresh and collect the juice over high heat,

Step 15
Pour in pepper oil, stir fry well, then put it on a plate, sprinkle with chive or coriander