Jinsha corn is a famous traditional dish with Sichuan characteristics, which belongs to Sichuan cuisine. It’s a dish that people in Chengdu often eat at night. It is made of corn and salted egg yolk.


A corn
A salted duck egg
Proper amount of vegetable oil
50g starch


Step 1
Take a salted duck egg

Step 2
Boil the corn for 10 minutes and pull out the corn

Step 3
Take out salted duck egg yolk and mash it

Step 4
Cover the corn with flour

Step 5
Let each corn evenly coated with starch, and then screen out the excess starch

Step 6
Heat the pan and pour in some vegetable oil

Step 7
Deep fry the corn for a few minutes and drain the excess oil

Step 8
Then stir fry the duck egg yolk with new oil. Put the duck egg yolk into the pot to make such bubbles. Turn down the heat and pour in the pre fried corn. Stir fry until the corn is covered with egg yolk

Step 9
I use sweet corn, only the salty duck egg yolk, no salt, if the taste is heavy, you can add the right amount of salt