Frozen desserts are indispensable in summer.


12g white jelly
15g white granulated sugar
220 grams of water


Step 1
The picture shows the outer packing box of white jelly. White powder is white jelly (I personally like to make it with white jelly, because it's fast and convenient. If you make it with gelatin slice, fish glue powder or agar, you have to soak it first);

Step 2
Mix the white jelly, granulated sugar and water together, mix well and boil for several times;

Step 3
Cool the jelly for three minutes and pour it into the lower hemisphere of the ball mold (you can put the soaked dried flowers or not);

Step 4
Air for 8 minutes, cover the upper part of the mold, and continue to pour in the remaining cold powder liquid;

Step 5
Put it in the refrigerator for one hour after it is completely cool, and then take out the crystal ball with disposable gloves (you can also put it in the refrigerator. The white jelly solidifies quickly, and it tastes cool and comfortable when you put it in the refrigerator).