On the way to school, my son suddenly ordered and said he wanted to eat Ramen hotpot. It’s too troublesome to eat out. It’s not a weekend. The children have to hurry home to do their homework. Therefore, the simplest way is to buy ready-made Japanese dolphin bone ramen. Kwai hot pot carnivorous shops are easy to get through, and then match the ready vegetables and meat. In less than 10 minutes, you can get a quick hand style Japanese style hand pulled noodle hot pot.


1 Japanese dolphin bone Ramen
500g vegetables
Proper amount of Flammulina velutipes
Proper amount of Chrysanthemum
Appropriate amount of corn
Appropriate amount of mushroom
500g meat
1 fat cow
Moderate beef


Step 1
Prepare the ingredients you need. You can buy Tangda Japanese dolphin bone Ramen at the convenience store. Ramen and soup bag are available. The side dishes can be matched according to the ready-made vegetables and meat at home.

Step 2
Boil a pot of water, take out the bottom bag of dolphin bone soup and seasoning bag, and bring a bag of compressed small fresh meat, which is also used together.

Step 3
After the water boils, add dolphin bone soup bottom, seasoning bag and vegetable bag to make high soup bottom.

Step 4
Prepare the pot of hot pot and set the vegetables and meat on the plate.

Step 5
Add the prepared Japanese dolphin bone soup.

Step 6
Light the fire and you can eat.