Using cucumber juice instead of water as jelly, the color is beautiful. It not only improves its appearance, but also tastes great. It has the fragrance of cucumber, cool and delicious. Two spoonfuls of apple vinegar were added to the mix, which was delicious and appetizing. It was perfect for this summer.


50g pea starch
A cucumber
A large glass of water
Clove garlic
A spoonful of soy sauce
Half a spoonful of sesame oil
A spoonful of oyster sauce
A few drops of pepper oil
A spoonful of salt
Half a spoonful of sugar
Half a spoonful of chicken essence
Half spoon white sesame (cooked)
Two tablespoons of balsamic vinegar
Two tablespoons apple cider vinegar
A little oil and peppers


Step 1
Wash the cucumber and cut it into small pieces.

Step 2
Put the cucumber pieces into the cooking cup and fill with water.

Step 3
Beat into cucumber juice.

Step 4
Filter the cucumber juice and set aside.

Step 5
Prepare 50 grams of pea starch.

Step 6
Add 75g cucumber juice to pea starch and stir well.

Step 7
Add 400 grams of cucumber juice to the pot.

Step 8
Heat the cucumber juice in the pot to 70-80 degrees and turn it down.

Step 9
Slowly pour the pea starch into the heated cucumber juice.

Step 10
Continue to heat over a low fire, while stirring with chopsticks until the bubbles appear. This process takes about two or three minutes.

Step 11
Pour the paste in the pot into the fresh-keeping box, and apply a layer of oil in advance.

Step 12
After cooling, it will solidify into jelly, and it will be demoulded.

Step 13
Cut into the shape you like.

Step 14
Cut the garlic into minced garlic.

Step 15
Mix all the spices evenly and add minced garlic.

Step 16
Pour the sauce over the jelly.

Step 17
Mix well and you can eat it.