Some people say that its taste is the taste of heaven; Others say that it is more intoxicating and sweet than love; Some people describe that at the first entrance, the body and mind are shocked, the world is silent, and tears slowly fall from the corners of the eyes… Yes, it is tiramisu, the hottest dessert from Italy. It tastes fresh milk fragrance of cheese and fresh cream, sweetness of eggs and sugar, fragrance of chocolate, mellow and intoxicating aroma of wine. Multiple levels and tastes are intertwined and integrated here. All kinds of senses and perceptions are experienced and satisfied in a small t IRAM ISU at the same time. It’s not difficult to make such a magical tiramisu. Let’s start!


250g cream cheese
2 egg yolks
200g light cream
3 pieces of Qifeng cake
40g low gluten flour
10g chocolate powder
1 egg
1 egg white
40g low gluten flour
90g sugar
115g milk
A few drops of lemon juice
10 g gilding
3 ml rum


Step 1
Prepare electronic scale

Step 2
Prepare materials

Step 3
First make the "chocolate flavor Qifeng cake slice", use the auxiliary materials of this tutorial, separate the egg yolk protein, add 10g milk and sugar into the egg yolk, stir evenly, then screen in the low powder, manually stir it with the egg beating head, and then beat it at low speed until it is fully integrated.

Step 4
Beat the cream cheese until smooth and shiny

Step 5
Add 60g white granulated sugar and continue to beat until the white granulated sugar melts. The more delicate the pastry, the better the taste

Step 6
Keep killing

Step 7
Add two egg yolks and beat evenly with a rubber scraper

Step 8
Add 75 grams of milk and continue to beat evenly

Step 9
Melt the soaked gelatine tablets

Step 10
Melt the soaked gelatine slices and pour them into the whipped cream cheese

Step 11
Continue to beat evenly

Step 12
Add 3 ml rum

Step 13
Add 200g whipped cream (prepared in advance) and beat evenly

Step 14
Whipped cream 200g (prepared in advance)

Step 15
Whipped cream

Step 16
Beat evenly

Step 17
Beat evenly

Step 18
Lay the 8-inch mold on Qifeng cake, one layer of cake and one layer of tiramisu

Step 19
A layer of cake, a layer of tiramisu

Step 20
Lay and freeze for 80 minutes

Step 21
Demould, sprinkle powdered sugar and cocoa powder, and make a big announcement