At first, we did tiramisu according to everyone’s prescription. It always felt that something was wrong. I happened to know a fellow whose boyfriend was Italian. I asked him for their traditional recipe to try. The strange thing is that they don’t add mascarpone cheese. They also make a feel with cheese. Praise one!


250ml cream
3 eggs
75g white granulated sugar
20G coffee powder
20G cocoa powder
Finger biscuits
1 tablespoon salt
3 drops of lemon juice
20 ml rum


Step 1
Separate the egg whites and yolks, and beat 3 yolks with white granulated sugar (30g) to a white color

Step 2
Add cream to the egg yolk and continue to beat it into a paste

Step 3
I think this step is relatively difficult. It may be very thin when adding it at the beginning, so it is difficult to make a paste. There are two methods: add fine granulated sugar to the egg yolk solution, heat it slightly in a water bath, stir until it becomes thick and white, beat the cream separately, slowly add the egg yolk solution and mix evenly; In addition, the three mixtures are heated slightly, stirred, evaporated and thickened, cooled and stirred. It must be thick before the next step, otherwise it cannot be mixed with the whipped protein

Step 4
Beat the protein with 2 for 3 proteins, add salt and lemon juice, add the remaining white granulated sugar in three times, and beat until dry foaming (the protein is not flowing upside down, the straight triangle can be pulled out, the chopsticks can not move, etc.)

Step 5
Mix the whipped protein with the previous paste and stir it. Don't let the protein defoaming (turn the shovel up from the bottom of the basin like cooking)

Step 6
Prepare coffee wine, wash the coffee with water, add an appropriate amount of rum (my friend said it's best to use freshly ground black coffee, without this condition, I have to use instant) and wet both sides of finger biscuits, put them in a glass container and put them on a plate

Step 7
The steps of placing the plate are a layer of finger biscuits, a layer of paste, and then a layer of biscuits and a layer of paste

Step 8
Scrape the top surface, shake out bubbles, and refrigerate for 4 hours

Step 9
Take it out and sprinkle it with cocoa powder or chocolate chips