Whenever I want to eat meat, I always think of this dish to satisfy the adult’s meat addiction and the child. The meat is really soft, fat and thin. I like this kind of dish which is so simple as to put all the ingredients on the plate and cook ready to eat without cooking fumes!


400g pork
300 grams of Meicai
20G veteran
10 g ginger
2G five spice powder
5 g star anise
1g chicken essence


Step 1
Buy good dried vegetables and soak them in boiling water for an hour. Clean it two or four times until all the sand is clean. And then cut into 1 cm long segments, or even thinner.

Step 2
This time, I bought this kind of sandwich meat, which is better than pork. Lean meat with fat inside, so eat lean meat not hard wood. Wash the sandwich meat and cook it in a pot. Add ginger and star anise to the water. After harvest, wash the foam, then put the oil in the pan and fry the skin into the pan.

Step 3
Slice the chilled sandwich and put it in a bowl. Pour some soy sauce, five spice powder, chicken essence into the bowl and mix well. Take another deeper bowl and put the meat in the bottom of the bowl. Then spread the dried vegetables on top of the meat. Then pour the rest of the old water around the edge of the bowl on the shredded vegetables.

Step 4
Then put the bowl of meat and vegetables into a voltage cooker and steam for 1 hour. There is no need to cover the bowl when steaming.

Step 5
After the pressure cooker decompresses automatically. Take out the steamed meat bowl and cover the plate. Turn it upside down.

Step 6
Then sprinkle with scallion, shape and serve.