Instant noodle egg and onion cake


1 piece of instant noodles
2 eggs
1 teaspoon salt
Appropriate amount of green onion
Pepper in moderation
2 tbsp blended oil


Step 1
Cook (or soak) a packet of instant noodles, and take out the noodles when they are ripe.

Step 2
Put 1 spoonful of oil in the pot, put half of the instant noodles in the pot, make it into a cake, and sprinkle with shredded green onion.

Step 3
Sprinkle with egg, salt and pepper to taste. When the egg at the bottom of the cake turns yellow, turn it over and fry on the other side.

Step 4
Chop up the other half of the noodles, add egg, onion, salt and pepper to taste, put proper amount of oil in the pot, put a spoon into the pot, spread into a small cake, and fry on both sides.

Step 5
Large egg cake cut into angular shape, small egg cake directly dish.