This salad is probably my favorite, especially this time of year when the tomatoes are ripe an juicy. It is also the easiest. It is light but filling, packing in lots of calcium and vitamin C. Plus, if you grow it yourself you get a little extra satisfaction. I know I did! There is nothing like watching your herbs and veggies grow, picking them at their peak, and then getting to enjoy them just a few feet from where they started as seedlings. Not to mention what you save on the grocery bill!


several fresh basil leaves
1 small tomato, diced
1/2 container of mini-mozzarella balls
olive oil, just a drizzle
balsamic vinegar. just a splash


Step 1
Simply toss these ingredients together until well coated. You can also season with salt and pepper as desired. There you have it - instant insalata caprese.