Sauerkraut fish is fragrant. Finally, pouring oil is the soul. Put all kinds of dishes you like to eat. It’s more appetizing in summer


Appropriate amount of black fish fillet
1 bag of pickled cabbage
0.5 bamboo shoots
Proper amount of Flammulina velutipes
Proper cooking wine
Proper ginger slices
Appropriate garlic slices
Appropriate amount of starch
Proper amount of white pepper
Proper amount of salt
Proper amount of yellow lantern pepper
Proper amount of dry pepper
Appropriate amount of fresh pepper
Proper raw extract
Appropriate scallion


Step 1
Marinate the black fish with cooking wine, starch and white pepper for 20 minutes

Step 2
Sauerkraut cut into sections

Step 3
Prepare Flammulina velutipes and bamboo shoots

Step 4
Onion, ginger and garlic

Step 5
Put oil in the pot, add onion, ginger and garlic, and stir fry until fragrant

Step 6
Stir fry sauerkraut

Step 7
Put lantern pepper

Step 8
Add water, put bamboo shoots and Flammulina velutipes and cook for a while

Step 9
Put the fish fillets and turn off the fire in a minute

Step 10
Put dry pepper and fresh hemp pepper

Step 11
Heat the oil in a hot pot and pour it into a bowl