Indonesian vegetables


1 tomato sauce
A handful of water spinach
A handful of mung bean sprouts


Step 1
Ready to add more sauce: 1, buy ready-made sauce brick, dilute with water. 2. Simple version: 2 tbsp peanut butter + 1 tbsp seafood sauce + cooked garlic paste + cooked chili paste + cold boiled water. 3. Make the Indonesian version (see Tips for materials and methods).

Step 2
Blanch the cabbage and mung bean sprouts in boiling water, supercooled water, and control the moisture. Wash tomatoes and cucumbers, cut corners and strips, deep fried bean curd, cut cooked eggs, bean slices are unique ingredients in Indonesia (can be replaced by shrimp slices), deep fried before eating.

Step 3
Indonesians stack all the ingredients together and drizzle them with more and more sauce. I like to use every ingredient with sauce. You can use bean slices to hold the ingredients with sauce.