I’m a sister from Sichuan. Of course, I have a special preference for Mao xuewang! A few days ago, I suddenly wanted to eat maoxuewang, and then the recent temperature has been like this, so I didn’t want to go out to buy vegetables, so I ordered takeout. When I opened it, I was expecting it. After all, it cost more than 30 yuan. As a result, the whole dish of vegetable stew almost didn’t eat. I thought about making it myself. Although it was troublesome, at least it was real, It’s delicious to finish…


A box of duck blood
Moderate amount of ham
Proper amount of bean sprouts
Appropriate amount of blinds
Moderate lean meat
Right amount of green pepper
Quail eggs in moderation
Moderate amount of red pepper
Appropriate amount of ginger slices
Appropriate amount of garlic
Right amount of Zanthoxylum bungeanum
Appropriate amount of green onion


Step 1
Prepare the ingredients, wash them, put them on the plate and set aside

Step 2
I cooked bean sprouts, duck blood and blinds in the soup. I forgot to take photos during the whole process. It's a pity

Step 3
It's all made by myself, so much

Step 4
Look carefully. Do you want something to eat again? Drooling

Step 5
Please see ~

Step 6
Quail eggs... My favorite