It happened that there was germ rice preferred by ruthless grain at home. I haven’t eaten pot rice for a long time. I tried to cook it at home.


100g germ rice
1 sausage
1 egg
50g mushroom
50g broccoli
Proper amount of salt
Proper raw extract
Appropriate amount of edible oil


Step 1
Get the ingredients ready

Step 2
Wash the germ rice and pour it into a casserole and cook it first. Boil it and turn it into a small fire and cook slowly.

Step 3
During cooking, wash broccoli, mushrooms and bubble with water

Step 4
Cut the sausage

Step 5
In a hot pot, add a little edible oil, a little salt, mushrooms and broccoli in turn, stir fry and taste

Step 6
Then add sausage and stir fry, then add eggs and fry until one side is cooked.

Step 7
After frying, code into a casserole, cover and simmer for about 3 minutes, pour a little raw soy sauce to taste, and then open to eat.