On rainy days, there are only pumpkins at home. I don’t go out to buy vegetables. I made pumpkin noodles steamed bread like bananas with pumpkins. It’s beautiful and delicious!


1000 grams of flour
250 ml water
250g pumpkin
10g yeast
10g sugar
50ml edible oil
2G cocoa powder


Step 1
After the pumpkin is steamed, grind it into pieces, add 5g yeast and 5g sugar with 500g flour, add pumpkin and dough

Step 2
Add 5 yeast and 5 sugar to 500g of white flour and mix with warm water to form a white dough

Step 3
Make up two pieces of dough

Step 4
Take a piece of yellow dough and roll it into pieces

Step 5
Cut a piece and brush it with edible oil

Step 6
Take a piece of white flour and rub it into a long strip and put it on the Yellow flour coated with oil

Step 7
Wrap the Yellow dough around the white dough and slowly close it, as shown in the figure

Step 8
Make it into a banana shape, pinch out the banana root and banana ridge

Step 9
Dip your hand in water and cocoa powder and smear it on the banana peel. Wake up for about 20 minutes

Step 10
Steam in a steamer for 15 minutes and take out