Guangdong: no fresh, no food. Originally wanted to change a pattern, do a spicy wine boiled flower snail, staring at such a fierce flower snail tangled for a long time, or reluctant to use so exciting heavy taste to suppress its original delicious. Well, we’d better keep the original taste of iced whelks….. Or, as always, Japanese soy sauce with mustard.


500g snail
1 slice of ginger
2 scallions
10g Japanese soy sauce
Mustard in moderation


Step 1
Use salt water and a little oil to soak and spit sand

Step 2
Boil water in a pot, put a piece of ginger and one or two green onions

Step 3
Pour in the washed snails, turn off the engine and soak for one minute after two minutes. Take out and rinse with water immediately

Step 4
Put it in an ice bucket, it's fresh, sweet and delicious. The traditional way of eating it with Japanese soy sauce and mustard is the most reliable