Korean mixed food is a delicacy, and the main ingredient is rape.


Yellow bean sprouts
mashed garlic
chopped green onion
Sesame oil
White sesame
cayenne pepper


Step 1
1. After the bean sprouts are washed, put cold water into the pot, and the amount is only half of the bean sprouts,

Step 2
Cover the pot and boil it. If you see smoke, it means to boil it. Turn off the fire after a minute or two. You can't open the lid in the middle.

Step 3
2. You can't lift the lid of the pot in a hurry for boiled soybean sprouts. It takes one minute to open the lid.

Step 4
3. Remove the bean sprouts, put them in the drain basket to remove the water, and let them cool and dry.

Step 5
Mix in the seasoning and stir gently to prevent the bean sprouts from breaking.