Huangmiansu steamed stuffed bun


200g cabbage
100g fans
2 sausages
5 slices of dried tofu
100g corn flour
200g flour
Proper amount of salt
Appropriate amount of monosodium glutamate
Proper blending oil
Proper amount of thirteen incense
Right amount of onion
Proper shrimp skin


Step 1
This is a dough made of corn flour and flour. Knead it into a smooth dough and put it aside

Step 2
Wash and chop the cabbage, sprinkle a little salt to kill the water, and then squeeze the cabbage dry with clean gauze for standby

Step 3
Wash shrimps and squeeze dry

Step 4
Cut dried tofu into small pieces

Step 5
Scald the vermicelli in hot water, drain the water and cut into small pieces, dice the ham sausage and chop the onion

Step 6
Put all the ingredients into a container, add an appropriate amount of thirteen spices, monosodium glutamate and a little salt, and mix well

Step 7
Add oil and mix well

Step 8
Rub the dough into strips

Step 9
Pull into a dosage

Step 10
Press flat and roll into dough

Step 11
Take one side of the skin and put in an appropriate amount of stuffing

Step 12
Pinch from one end

Step 13
Finally, wrap it into buns

Step 14
Sit in the pot with water, put in the steamed stuffed bun, leave a gap in the middle, cover, boil over high heat and steam for 5 minutes, turn to medium heat and steam for 10 minutes