It’s hot in Guangdong. I’m a hot girl, so I often get throat inflamed when I eat hot and dry food. Since I learned this nourishing yin and moistening lung soup, I often cook it myself and drink it once a week. When I persist for a period of time, it’s not so easy for future generations to be afraid of hot food. It’s suitable for every family. It’s very good.


400g pork Exhibition
10 g Dendrobium
5g American ginseng
1 Sydney
2 slices of ginger


Step 1
Wash and cut the fresh pork with bone. Cook with cold water until it bubbles. Remove the meat and set aside

Step 2
Peel pear and slice ginger

Step 3
The Dendrobium should be soaked and washed in advance according to its thickness

Step 4
Moistening, sweet and delicious