Story behind delicious food: green onion is one of the necessary seasoning foods in our daily life. But you know what? Onion has a variety of health effects, such as strengthening yang and Yin, and preventing cancer. There are also some taboos, such as friends with eye diseases and those with bad intestines and stomach.


8000 g scallion


Step 1
Prepare spring onions for winter storage

Step 2
Some scallions have newly grown buds in the middle

Step 3
Break off the buds and put them aside

Step 4
Put each 3-5 green onions together (green onions are thick and thin), and the green onion leaves are on top

Step 5
Then put it on and tie it

Step 6
After all the scallions are trapped, put them outside with the scallion white down and the leaves up. In winter, green onions are not afraid of freezing and moving outside. Don't flip back and forth. If they are frozen, just take them to the house in advance to thaw.

Step 7
This is the tender bud broken off. Everything is delicious. If you don't worship it, it will be wasted. Fried beef with scallions and mutton are also very delicious.