Very good next meal, with rice, noodles, can be sour and spicy


2 white radishes
2 carrots
Appropriate amount of white vinegar 9 °
2 tablespoons sugar
Proper amount of salt
Proper boiling water


Step 1
Peel and wash the radish, wash the millet pepper, and drain all the water

Step 2
Cut the white radish into strips. It's better to be about the same size. I have OCD, so

Step 3
Cut millet and pepper into sections, bring to a boil in hot water, add white sugar and vinegar, and melt. You can try the taste. It's sour enough

Step 4
Pour it into the basin, add salt and stir it evenly. It's OK to add more salt. Of course, you can try ha flavor

Step 5
Close the lid. Color value 2 hours+

Step 6
Pour out the excess water, do not, and then put it into a clean sealed jar

Step 7
A layer of radish, a layer of millet pepper, repeat

Step 8
Refrigerate. It can be eaten in 2 days