Hot and sour QQ noodles are easy to make. Novices can do it at one time. They learn that they don’t have to spend more money and can eat cleaner and healthier delicacies. Working overtime, staying up late, sleepy and hungry, it’s also good to have a bowl to warm your stomach and body. This bowl of QQ noodles is not particularly rich in ingredients, because I put too many ingredients at home alone. I’m worried that it will be wasted if I can’t finish eating. I only put fish rolls and Chinese cabbage. A large bowl is full. When I eat it, I even finish the noodle soup. It’s very sour and spicy. Sometimes when it rains and there is no ginger at home, I will cook a big bowl, drink some hot and sour soup, sweat and prevent colds. Now let’s share the detailed practices with you. Friends who like it, try it quickly!


1 bag of QQ noodles
4 fish rolls
Two slices of Chinese Cabbage
30g oil
1g salt
10g raw soy sauce
A little thirteen incense
Half a spoonful of cold vinegar
1 tablespoon chopped pepper


Step 1
Get the ingredients ready first.

Step 2
Wash and break the cabbage into small pieces, and rinse the QQ noodles and fish rolls.

Step 3
Start the oil pan, put in the fish roll and fry until the surface is golden.

Step 4
Add cabbage and stir fry a few times. Cabbage can also be kept until the end, but I like to fry it to taste better.

Step 5
Pour in an appropriate amount of water, bring to a boil, add QQ noodles and cook for one minute, add salt, thirteen spices and raw soy sauce, and mix well.

Step 6
Remove from the pot and plate, add chopped pepper and cold vinegar, mix well, and serve.