Pickled fish is a famous traditional dish of Han nationality in Sichuan. It belongs to Sichuan cuisine. It is famous for its unique seasoning and cooking techniques. Although it is a folk dish in Sichuan, it is widely spread. The meat is tender, the soup is sour and delicious, slightly spicy but not greasy; The fish fillets are tender yellow and smooth. It is salty and delicious, with strong local flavor of Sichuan. I’m a typical spicy person. This time, I’m going to do “spicy and sour pickled fish”.


1500 g silver carp
1.5 tbsp vegetable oil
15g starch
15g sesame oil
1 teaspoon bean paste
10 dried peppers
25 Chinese prickly ash
100g pickles
12 pickled peppers
1 piece of pickled ginger
1 piece of ginger
15 garlic
Two star anise
1 fragrant fruit
1 Shannai
10 ml vinegar
8 ml cooking wine
4 g salt
4 g Sugar
2G chicken essence


Step 1
After the silver carp is slaughtered by the shop owner, it is sliced into fish fillets. After going home, it is rinsed repeatedly with flowing water, and then it is pickled for a while with salt

Step 2
Pickled silver carp, wash clean, with the right amount of starch, sesame oil grasp well, twice pickled

Step 3
Chop pickles, pickled ginger and pickled pepper; If it's kimchi bought outside, it's best to wash it with running water and then chop it up

Step 4
Wash ginger, shred, remove garlic coat, divide into two

Step 5
After the oil pan is heated, add the bean paste to stir fry until fragrant, then add the dried pepper and Chinese prickly ash to stir fry until fragrant; Add pickle series and stir fry until fragrant

Step 6
Pour in proper amount of water, ginger, garlic, star anise, Xiangguo and Shannai; Add appropriate amount of vinegar; Add a proper amount of cooking wine and sugar, roll the soup and cook for a while

Step 7
Add the fish head and cook for 1 to 2 minutes

Step 8
In turn, put in the steak (with the middle part of the fishbone), fillets, boil, and then boil for 1 minute

Step 9
Add chicken essence, turn off the heat and stir fry slightly

Step 10
Start the pot and sprinkle with scallions