I haven’t fried bread for a long time. I suddenly want to eat it.


300g flour
2 shallots
1 ginger
10g salt
5g salt
300g beans
250g pork
Appropriate amount of five spice powder
1 tablespoon peanut oil
Half a spoonful of raw soy sauce
5 tbsp fuel consumption
1 tbsp MSG
Proper sesame oil
Half a tablespoon of soy sauce


Step 1
Put baking powder into warm water, add flour, knead into dough, cover with plastic wrap and ferment.

Step 2
The dough fermentation time begins to prepare stuffing, rainbow beans, pork, ginger and scallions.

Step 3
Put Hongdou into the pot, boil water, drop water for 3 minutes, and add 10 grams of salt.

Step 4
Cut onion and ginger into pieces and soak in half a bowl of water.

Step 5
Chop up rainbow beans and pork, add onion and ginger water, add all seasonings and mix well.

Step 6
Fermented dough.

Step 7
After the dough is vented, it is divided into the same amount of dosage. The dosage is flattened and dried into a slightly thicker dough in the middle.

Step 8
Take a steamed stuffed bun skin and put stuffing in the middle.

Step 9
Wrapped in willow leaves.

Step 10
And so on.

Step 11
Put 1 tbsp corn oil into the pot, place steamed stuffed buns, and bake over medium low heat until the bottom is golden yellow.

Step 12
Add clean water, the amount of water is no more than the bottom of the steamed stuffed bun, cover the pot and fry until the water is completely drained.

Step 13
After the water is dried, sprinkle with chopped chives to get out of the pot.