I don’t know if it’s because the main ingredient of Jingzhe soup is white radish. Recently, what I like to eat and make is consumed with radish! Last week, we made radish rice. I like the Kurihara salad very much. It’s easy to make. It looks like the radish with abalone sauce is very simple and can be used. It’s also a recipe that has been advocated by playful life for a long time.


Half a white radish
50g Haimi
1 smoked fish
300 g sticky rice noodles
20G sugar
100g Chengfen
10 g salt
10g white pepper
550 ml water


Step 1
Material set diagram

Step 2
Peel and shred the radish. Don't throw the water out of the silk, put it in the basin.

Step 3
After mixing sticky rice flour and Chengfen, add 550ml of water and stir evenly until all the flour has no big conglutination.

Step 4
Wash the sea rice and set aside. Beat the sausage in the microwave oven for one minute, then dice it for use. The amount should be controlled according to your preference

Step 5
Wok small fire, put sausage, slowly stir out the oil inside; Then put the rice in and fry until golden.

Step 6
Pour in the shredded radish together with the soup and stir fry. Then add 20g sugar, 10g salt and 10g white pepper. Stir fry until the shredded radish is soft and mature.

Step 7
Turn off the heat, pour the sticky rice flour and Chengfen into the pot, and mix with the fried material.

Step 8
The mixture in step 7 is put into a heat-resistant container and steamed over high heat for 45 minutes.

Step 9
After cooling, demould, slice, put a little oil in the pan, fry over low heat until both sides are golden. The rest can be put in the refrigerator and eaten whenever you want.