Hong Kong style fried noodles


Chicken essence
Yuanzhen sugar
vegetable oil


Step 1
Guangdong cooked oil noodles (the kind of noodles that taste very refreshing, semi alkaline noodles) 1

Step 2
Lean pork is flavored with soy sauce, salt, chicken essence, sugar and vegetable oil for 15 minutes

Step 3
Marinate the shrimps with a little salt, sugar and cooking wine.

Step 4
Chopped garlic, ginger, cauliflower, shredded green pepper, bean sprouts, shredded mushrooms

Step 5
First, break up the dough. Don't stick it together

Step 6
Boil water in the pot, add some salt, put the cauliflower into the pot, and pick it up in about 50 seconds

Step 7
Then put the noodles into hot water, turn off the fire immediately, and take out the noodles

Step 8
Drain the noodles and drizzle with some vegetable oil. Mix well to avoid sticking

Step 9
The next step is to burn the sauce. Heat the oil in the pan, saute the ginger and garlic until fragrant, then put down the meat and fry until cooked, then add the shrimps, green peppers, etc

Step 10
Heat the oil in the pan, and the oil temperature should be a little higher. Put in the noodles, then turn to low heat and fry the noodles

Step 11
Fry to the bottom, crispy, turn over and fry again (remember to put a little salt when cooking, so don't put any seasoning)

Step 12
After the noodles are fried, pour the prepared ingredients on them