Hong Kong Style desserts are the representative of Hong Kong’s trendy food. They are originated from the traditional “sugar water” in Guangdong cuisine, and have been innovated by Hong Kong people. It is not only the heritage of history, but also the product of westernization and innovation.


140g mango
60g glutinous rice
60g black rice
100g yogurt


Step 1
The ingredients are ready;

Step 2
Wash black rice and white glutinous rice and soak in water for 4-8 hours;

Step 3
Put the black rice and white glutinous rice into the rice cooker, add water and press the cook button;

Step 4
Mango is washed, seeded and peeled;

Step 5
Cut into small pieces and set aside;

Step 6
Pour the cut mango into the cooking machine;

Step 7
Add yoghurt in the milk;

Step 8
Smash into mud for standby;

Step 9
Pour the squeezed mango juice into a bowl;

Step 10
After steaming the black rice, let it cool slightly;

Step 11
Knead into a round shape;

Step 12
Put it in mango juice;

Step 13
Cut some mango to decorate.