The barbecued pork in the supermarket seems to make people feel uneasy. People want to eat it but dare not buy it. With barbecue sauce, you can make delicious, healthy and safe barbecue at home. This time, the barbecued pork is bright red, oily and full of sauce. The meat inside is sweet and juicy. It’s really delicious.


200g pork fillet
3 g salt
3 G cooking wine
1 teaspoon barbecued sauce
1 teaspoon honey
1 teaspoon vegetable oil


Step 1
Prepare the ingredients, wash and drain the meat, or wipe the surface with kitchen paper

Step 2
Wipe the cooking wine and a little salt on the surface, and place it at room temperature for a while to make the cooking wine taste volatile

Step 3
Put the meat into the box, evenly sprinkle with barbecue sauce, cover and refrigerate overnight; Turn over every few hours and drizzle with barbecue sauce again

Step 4
Apply honey with a small brush and marinate for 2 hours; Put the cured barbecued pork in the middle of tin foil, spread honey and oil evenly, then wrap it up like candy

Step 5
Preheat the oven at 150 ℃ for about 35 minutes

Step 6
You need to turn it over in the middle, and brush the barbecue sauce and honey again, and then bake it