My husband likes to eat fried ribs, but I like to eat some sweet and sour ones, so I made this honey ribs


Two ribs
A few slices of ginger
Moderate raw / old
Proper cooking wine
Two tablespoons sugar
A spoonful of honey
Proper amount of raw meal


Step 1
First boil the ribs with water, then add ginger and cooking wine to boil for more than ten or twenty minutes (you can no longer cook according to your favorite taste)

Step 2
Then marinate it with soy sauce or raw soy sauce + oil consumption + cooking wine for a while

Step 3
Wrap a layer of cornflour (can also be omitted) before putting it into the pot, turn the hot oil in the hot pot on a low heat, put the pickled ribs (do not pour in the juice) and fry until the oil comes out. Pour in the remaining pickled juice + an appropriate amount of sugar + honey (it's OK not to add it). Personally, I think the honey tastes better