The golden kumquat is not only a kind of fruit, but also a kind of ornamental plant because it is cute and beautiful, and its color is like gold, which means great fortune. If you go to the flower and tree market, you will see kumquat. In many cities in China, especially in Guangdong and Hong Kong, you often buy kumquat during the Spring Festival, hoping to bring good luck to the next year.


500g kumquat
100g honey
150 g rock sugar
0.5g salt
Half a lemon


Step 1
Remove the pedicels of kumquat and soak in light salt water for 1 hour.

Step 2
Cut the kumquat and remove the seeds. I use a small ceramic knife. No matter what tools you use, be careful not to hurt your hands.

Step 3
be accomplished.

Step 4
Put the processed kumquat into the cooking machine and stir it into mud, some of which taste better.

Step 5
Put in the rock sugar.

Step 6
Cook slowly over low heat, stirring while boiling, until the puree is dark and thick. Add a little salt and mix well.

Step 7
Let cool and squeeze in the lemon juice.

Step 8
Put in honey again, mix well, seal and keep, add warm water to mix well when drinking.