For Guiling ointment, southerners, especially people in Guangdong and Guangxi, are very familiar with it, while northerners seldom eat it. Although the supermarkets in the north often have canned food, most people still don’t know how to eat it and what role it can play.


10g guiling paste powder
25g soft sugar
500g water
Appropriate amount of honey


Step 1
Prepare raw materials

Step 2
10 g of Guiling ointment powder was mixed with 100 g of water

Step 3
Adjust into a paste without small pimples, reserve

Step 4
In addition to looking for a pot of iron, the best is alloy, I did not find this enamel pot, anyway, is to find a thicker one, so it is not easy to paste the pot

Step 5
Turn down the heat, pour the guiling paste water into the pot, and keep stirring to prevent paste

Step 6
Keep stirring until boiling, turn off the heat

Step 7
I used to sift all the liquid except water

Step 8
Put the boiled liquid of Guiling ointment into the container, and it will solidify naturally after cooling

Step 9
It's solidified. Look, you can hold up a spoon

Step 10
Use a knife to divide Guiling ointment into small pieces

Step 11
Put it in a small bowl

Step 12
Pour honey to your taste

Step 13
It's beautiful with green leaves~