Yam has the effects of nourishing and strengthening, helping digestion and stopping diarrhea. It has curative effects on cough and diabetes. It can also treat skin diseases, diminish inflammation and bacteriostasis. It is also conducive to delaying aging, strengthening health and longevity; Golden silk chrysanthemum has the effects of lowering blood pressure, eliminating cancer cells, expanding coronary artery and bacteriostasis. Honey also has the same effects. Eating more is beneficial


450 g yam
5g golden chrysanthemum {dry}
2 tablespoons milk powder
2 tablespoons honey


Step 1
All materials and yams are local goods

Step 2
Steamed Yam in a pot

Step 3
Peel cooked yam and add milk powder

Step 4
Press the yam mud into pieces and add the petals of chrysanthemum

Step 5
Yam, chrysanthemum and milk powder are all mixed together. If yam is too dry, you can add some cold boiled water or milk

Step 6
Take a mold you like, press the yam mud in it, fix it into shape, and then demould it and put it in the plate

Step 7
Pour honey on the prepared yam mud and you can eat it