Barbecued pork is a dish I always wanted to cook after I got into the frying pan.


500g front leg meat
Garlic and scallion
3 tbsp Li Jin Ji barbecue sauce
A spoonful of cooking wine
1 tablespoon delicious soy sauce
A spoonful of honey


Step 1
1. After washing the pork, drain the water and cut it into strips about four fingers wide along the texture.

Step 2
5. Pour in another tablespoon of soy sauce.

Step 3
9. The taste of the cured meat goes in.

Step 4
13. Adding water to the bottom of the pot is to produce a certain amount of water vapor in the roasting process, so as not to make the meat taste too dry. In order to make barbecued pork delicious, you can pull it out and brush a layer of sauce in about four or five minutes. When baking for ten minutes, turn over the barbecue and continue to brush the sauce on the surface. Because it's convenient to take out the frying pan with a drawer and brush the sauce, the oven is more troublesome. In order to make the barbecued pork delicious, it's necessary to work harder.