Before I tried the honey barbecued bun baked in the oven, the barbecued bun needs to be prepared at least 12 hours in advance, which is very limited for people who want to eat immediately on impulse… So I tried to make the plate directly by pot stewing! The color of this one is more beautiful, and it’s relatively fresh (the sauce wood is salted overnight), and the barbecue sauce is also homemade, which is more healthy.


500g pork
30g cooking wine
15g sugar
3 slices of ginger
4 sections of scallion
15g honey
400g flour
4 g yeast
200-230 g water
3.5G salt
1 clove of garlic
15 grams of raw tobacco
5g veteran
2.5G five spice powder
10 g fuel consumption
10g seafood sauce
1 piece of South Sufu


Step 1
Yeast is first dissolved in 200 g of warm water

Step 2
After mixing, knead and add water until there is no dry powder. Knead into a slightly rough surface mass for sealed fermentation

Step 3
Diced Pork, set aside

Step 4
Barbecued pork sauce

Step 5
Add: 15g raw soy sauce, 5g old soy sauce, 10g oil consumption, 10g seafood sauce, 2.5G salt, 2.5G five spice powder

Step 6
Cooking wine and sugar are packed separately.

Step 7
Put the oil in the hot pot, pour the cured meat in and stir fry (pay attention to whether there is enough oil, mainly whether the meat you buy is fat or not). Stir fry until the surface is slightly burnt, and the fat part shrinks and becomes transparent

Step 8
Pour in cooking wine, stir fry, pour in flour water, add sugar... And simmer until water is dry (about 15 minutes)

Step 9
It's almost like this. Turn off the heat, pour in 15g honey and mix well

Step 10
okay. It can be put up and covered.

Step 11
Fermented dough

Step 12
Put the noodles on the table and knead them

Step 13
The ultimate goal is

Step 14
Personally, I think it's hard to knead a lot of dough.

Step 15
Round and flat (remember to cover with plastic film)

Step 16
One by one or roll or hand pinch into the middle of the thick thin edge of the cake on both sides

Step 17
It's time for barbecued pork to be wrapped

Step 18
The first set

Step 19
The second set (two shapes).

Step 20
All right. Look (please ignore the roll in the middle)

Step 21
Look inside~