Every time I go back to Xiamen, I will go to an old shop to taste gongwan soup.


200g hind leg meat
2 tablespoons Taibai powder
2G pepper powder
3 chives
10g sugar
1 tablespoon salt
10ml rice wine


Step 1
Wash the meat, dice the fat and lean meat respectively (about 20-30g of fat), and then chop them into pieces. Sprinkle with scallion and pepper.

Step 2
Put minced meat into the food processor, add Taibai powder, sugar and salt, and stir with a stirring rod at high speed to form minced meat.

Step 3
Stir for about 5.6 times, touch it with your hand, it becomes very sticky, take it out, and roll it into a meat ball.

Step 4
Divide 20 grams of each tribute pill with a spoon and roll it into a ball.

Step 5
Dip some water on your hands to avoid sticking. Beat the meatballs back and forth in your palm for 5.6 times until they are more elastic.

Step 6
Handmade original tribute pills can be made more at a time, according to this amount × 2. Put the rest into the box for quick freezing immediately. When eating each time, take out a few and cook them in clear water or soup until they all float up. Sprinkle some coriander or celery powder, and then serve. You can also add rice noodle soup, laver soup and vegetable soup to increase the flavor.