A few recipes have been found, and the essence of it has been added to my little play. My home made bacon is on the table. V dad loves smoky Dongdong. He appreciates it and is very glad to get affirmation. Homemade smoked bacon is very simple, at least much easier than filling sausage. Only need to master two small methods, the distinctive preserved meat will come from you. It’s almost the end of the year. Let’s try to make it more mellow in this bleak winter.


1500 grams of streaky pork
20G rice


Step 1
Streaky pork soaked in bleeding water

Step 2
Drain the water and cut into strips of moderate size

Step 3
Saute the pepper in a dry pan until fragrant. Grind

Step 4
Take a fresh box, add crushed pepper, sugar, soy sauce, Baijiu, salt to the box, shake evenly.

Step 5
Put the meat into the box, shake it left and right to make the liquid fully salted and covered; Cover the box, refrigerate for 24 hours, turn it upside down in the middle

Step 6
The cured meat is hung in the shade for about a week. After the surface is dry, it can be smoked and roasted

Step 7
Cover the old pot with aluminum foil paper, put tangerine peel, tea, sugar and rice on it, put grate on it, code the meat, open fire, start smoking, cover it with smoke, reduce the fire, and smoke until the fat is transparent (depending on the firepower of your stove, about 15-20 minutes), turn it upside down 1-2 times in the middle

Step 8
The smoked meat is dried for another two days, wrapped in a fresh-keeping bag and frozen in the refrigerator. When eating, it doesn't need to be soaked. It only needs to be steamed for 15 minutes after cleaning