I always like Sichuan pickles. I make some pickles myself. It’s healthy to eat. Prepare a ceramic pickle jar. You’d better not use glass. The light transmission of glass is not suitable for pickles. It may be OK to soak a little in a short time. If you often soak, it’s better to use a ceramic jar.


Half a purple cabbage
Half a white radish
2 carrots
150g spicy millet
2 pieces of tender ginger
2 heads of garlic
120 grams of salt
2500 ml boiled water
50 grams of highly Baijiu
Eight Jin ceramic pickle jar


Step 1
Wash the pickle jar, disinfect it with boiling water and dry it,

Step 2
Heat five Jin of boiling water, add salt to melt, wait for salt water to cool

Step 3
In the process of salt water cooling, all the vegetables that need to be put into the jar can be washed, cut and dried

Step 4
After the brine cools, put all the vegetables in the jar

Step 5
High spirits baijiu.

Step 6
Cover the inner and outer covers and put them in a cool, ventilated place without sunlight.

Step 7
Add clean water to seal the edge of the altar. This should be observed frequently. If the water in the water seal is less, it should be replenished in time. After a long time, there will be dust. You can dry it with a clean cloth, disinfect it with alcohol, and then pour water on it. It's better to cover the jar with a dark cloth to prevent dust and strong light

Step 8
It's almost sour in about a week. The longer you soak, the more sour it is. If you don't eat it for the time being, you should take it out. If you like to eat crisp and not too sour, you can also take it out in advance, depending on your personal preference. Old pickle water is more fragrant. Don't make too many pickles at a time, add new ones after eating, so the pickle water will be better and better. Add some salt after each new dish.