When it comes to wild vegetables, we think of all kinds of wild vegetables on land. In fact, there are wild vegetables in the sea, such as sea cabbage, seaweed, cauliflower and so on. What I use today is the cauliflower from the sea. Use it to make a delicious sea jelly. I once ate sea jelly in Qingdao and never forget it. As a foodie, I must try my best to make my favorite food. After checking the information, I feel it is not difficult, so I automatically start to do it. Ha ha, success at one time! The sea jelly is crystal clear. It tastes delicious after cold mixing. It feels good. Although it’s a little troublesome to do it yourself, you don’t have to run to Qingdao when you want to eat. Ha ha.


70g cauliflower
7g white vinegar
2500 g mineral water
Appropriate amount of sauce


Step 1
Beat the dried cauliflower to remove the sand and salt

Step 2
Clean it repeatedly with clean water

Step 3
Put the cauliflower and mineral water white vinegar into the pot, boil over high heat and turn to low heat for 50 minutes

Step 4
Boiled cauliflower

Step 5
Filter out the residue

Step 6
Put the filtered juice into a container and freeze for about 2 hours

Step 7
Frozen jelly slices

Step 8
Add chili oil, white vinegar and salt

Step 9
Mix well and serve.