I’m a Hakka from Nanxiong, Guangdong Province. When I marry Xingguo, Jiangxi Province, I’m a Hakka. There’s still a difference in my diet. If I want to taste my hometown, I’ll call my mother for advice. In this way, my husband and baby fall in love with the taste of Nanxiong. It’s also a kind of happiness ☺☺


Seven catties of front leg meat
6 to 8 pairs of pig liver
Proper amount of soy sauce
Three white rice wine
2.5 teaspoons salt
2 tsp sugar
4m casing


Step 1
Slice pork and pork liver and put them in the basin

Step 2
Soak the casings in clean water and wash them

Step 3
Mix salt, Baijiu, soy sauce into the meat bowl, do not mix too much raw liquor, Baijiu must be 45 degrees above the level. I choose the 50 degree of the farm's own brew.

Step 4
Cut open one third of the beverage bottle and put one end of the casing into the bottle mouth for enema

Step 5
Mix the meat into the intestines, better patient yo

Step 6
Try to fill it tightly. If there is air, prick it with a toothpick. It's not easy to explode when deflating.

Step 7
After the sausage is filled, tie it with white rope

Step 8
Finally, it's filled. It's put in the sun for two weeks. If there's oil, you can eat it

Step 9
Take a section of sausage slices, steamed or fried to eat very fragrant