It’s one of Chaoshan’s special breakfasts. The last time I went home, I brought back some rice juice skin. Because of the lack of materials, there was no marinade and no fried dough sticks, so I did it by myself


How many ribs
Make a choice of the skin of Chinese cabbage juice
Laver at will
Carrot at will
1 egg
A little salt


Step 1
Egg, oyster peel, laver, washed spareribs, sliced carrots

Step 2
Blanch the spareribs, remove the dregs, remove the dregs and peel the sauce. Cook in a pot for 3 to 5 minutes. Cook and put in a bowl.

Step 3
Add laver and carrot to the bottom of the original soup and cook it (time is up to you, carrots can be eaten raw). Pour it into the bowl (1 tablespoon of soup left at the bottom)

Step 4
With only a little soup, nest a sweet heart egg (can be solved with a pot and a spoon, insist on not using the second one) and put it into a bowl