Let’s have a feast for Jay’s birthday. There must be a big meal and cold dishes. Mung bean flour is delicious and hygienic. Let’s have one.


100g mung bean powder
3 g salt
450 ml water
A spoonful of linseed oil
A spoonful tastes delicious
Proper amount of aged vinegar
Appropriate amount of Chengdu Red Oil
A cucumber


Step 1
Mung bean powder, water

Step 2
Mixed mung bean powder with salt

Step 3
Mix powder and water and keep still for 30 minutes to absorb starch better.

Step 4
The water in the pot needs to be heated. Pay attention not to be too hot. It's OK when it's hot.

Step 5
Pour powdered water into the pot and cook

Step 6
Keep stirring, become transparent and cooked

Step 7
Put into a container and cool.

Step 8
It's cold. You can cut and mix vegetables