Pickled cowpeas are home-made dishes in many places. They are also very simple to make. Prepare some fresh cowpeas, peppers and salt, which can be pickled in a few days. The pickled cowpeas are fried in oil. They are hot and sour and crisp. They are excellent for porridge and rice dressing.


500g cowpea
3 teaspoons salt
2 long peppers


Step 1
First pick the cowpeas and wash them with long pepper, then cut the cowpeas into small pieces and shred the pepper

Step 2
Boil a pot of boiling water, scald the cowpeas, mix the cowpeas and shredded pepper with salt, or add some garlic, ginger, sugar, wine and pepper to taste, and cool the boiling water at the same time

Step 3
Pickled cowpeas need larger pottery or glass cans. Do not use plastic cans or iron cans. The cans should be washed and scalded with boiling water. Pour the mixed cowpeas into the pot, and then pour cold boiled water. The water surface should not exceed cowpeas, so as to ensure an anoxic pickling environment. Then close the lid and it's OK